Left of the Left of the Left
  • Shoplifting is MORE ACCESSIBLE than the world of big business: anyone can do it, and many of the people whom big business usually shits on (parents with prams and wheelchair- bound, for example) have a positive advantage.
  • Shoplifting is LESS IMMORAL than big business: it doesn’t exploit workers, kill animals, destroy rain forests or give cancer to children
  • Shoplifting is MORE HONEST than big business: shoplifters don’t pretend to be providing a public service, they don’t creat artificial shortages, nor do they invent myths of fashion or style.
  • Shoplifting is illegal, but SO ARE MOST THINGS THAT DAMAGE PROFITS: armed insurrection, industrial sabotage, most strikes and many demonstrations, are illegal, but this doesn’t prevent them getting widespread support from lefties.
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    Yes, let’s all steal from shops all the time, it doesn’t hurt the workers, except for the fact that workers are hired/...
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    shoplifting honest Um
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    Yeah you fucking liberals. Liberate resources.
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    [EDIT:] I meant to reblog this for the commentary, which speaks out against shoplifting. A few years ago I read an...
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    ^this to a certain asshole I once considered my friend
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    ALWAYS reblog holy shit. Fuck anyone who thinks shoplifting from even the biggest businesses in anyway hurts THEM and...
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    Wow all I am hearing in the head post is “they did something bad so that gives me the moral rights to do something too.”...
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    seriously fuck you i fyou think shoplifting is a good thing to do as someone who works in retail dealing with...